we know that Star also used to be sold under a number of other names since approx. 1965.

Due to the characteristic details of the drums this can be considered to be true. Namely the style of
the lugs but, tom brackets, shell constructions and the design of the badges are indicators for a drum kit,
telling us that it was made by Star (or not).

Besides Bollero and DrumMate, the following brands of that time are believed to be made by Star as well
(I don’t claim that this list is already complete!):
Apollo (two versions) – Artist Ltd. – Barclay – BenTone – Boston – Carlton – Champion – Conqueror –
DrumCraft – Ibanez – Ideal – Jason – King’s Stone – Lido Supreme (two versions) – Lotus – Lucky Star –
Lyra (three versions) – Magnum – Majestic – Mayfair – Mitchel – Ralston – Revelle – Saturn – Stewart –
SupreMacy – Tempo – Tulio – U.S.Mercury – Weltron – Werco.
Typical is the wording ‘World’s Supreme Quality’ or ‘World’s Finest Quality’ on almost all badges from that time. And nearly all of these brands appeared in the USA only.
Latest entry: Badge Artist Ltd. .

List to be continued! If you have a drum kit with another badge and you think, it might be a Star:
Please kindly send me a photo and let’s discuss the matter.