I’ve been asked for specific spare part problems with Star drums and hardware parts.

In this section I will answer some of the queries which reached me. I’m sorry, but not in all matters a good solution is available – at least we are talking about drums being approx. 50 years old!

Tension screws (for snare drum, rack toms and floor toms):
   I guess this is the question of most interest. The screw thread of Star tension rods at snare drums and
   toms was something very special: It is called M5 x .9

   Good news: I can reproduce tension screws with
   this special thread now. In pure manual work.
   Ask for the length you need:
–  length 45mm (measured below squarehead)
   for snare drums/ rack toms or
–  length 65mm (measured below squarehead)
   for floor toms.
   It can hardly be noted afterwards, whether some
   of the tension screws are still original ones –
   or my replicas.

King Beat snare drum: Spares for the white plastic part
   One of just two weak points at the King Beat snare drum is the plastic guide slide at both sides of the drum:
   It’s becoming brittle and tends to break over the years.

   Finally, here it is: A 3D print file to make a
ubstitution part exactly like the original one.

   The link to the FREE download file:
   File to make a 3D print of the guide slide of the
   King Beat snare drum

   Thank you very much, Samuel from France, for
   doing the works for this special part!

King Beat snare drum: How to make a snare wire fit to this snare drum
   If you face the problem to find a substitution for your worn original King Beat snare wires:
   Here’s a cheaper way to settle the matter.

   Find new snare wires with a slot at each side.
   Diameter should fit within the resonant head and
   bend a piece of stainless steel (approx. 0.8 mm
   thick) according to this PDF file:
   Star snare wires adapter technical sheet

   Special thanks to Hendrik here in Germany for
   the photo and the technical sheet as well!

   If you are in need of a matching wrap for one of your drums this might be a worry to you. Original wrap
   is no longer available (unless you find an orphan drum with exactly the same finish and you use the wrap
   or the complete drum in addition to your kit).
   Try to find an orphan drum from Star online or elsewhere and use the wrap – or the complete drum – in
   addition to your kit. Best of luck!

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