Star drums in showcases/ studio productions. Due to their professional sound, Star drums

are still today used for studio productions.

Please kindly note: I do not have the copyright on any of the videos shown there – this is just an additional
information service:

Here’s an example:
(Artist: Marque, song: One to make her happy)

A second one, taken live on stage in a Free Jazz composition:
(Artist: Jörg Fischer on drums)

And this one, a film scene obviously taken from a Japanese movie of the 70’s:
(Unknown Japanese drummer from a Japanese movie)

Star drums in another professional studio production:
(Artist: Nina Indigo, song: Alicia)

Star drums in a live TV recording:
(Artist: Glenn Miller Orchestra: St. Louis Blues March)

And if you like to know, how a Star drum kit sounds in comparison to
a drum kit made by another respected manufacturer, listen to this one:
(Comparison of two vintage drum kits)

Here’s a video showing how a Star kit may sound if mic’d up well:
(Video with a Star kit in a studio environment)

Randy from Vancouver/ Canada allowed me to show the link to a video
with his band ’Shady Island Jam Factory’, taken at an event in April 2022:
(Randy and his Star kit)

Please, contact me if you have knowledge of further movie pics where Star drums are shown in.

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